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My Story...

I started drinking alcohol at around the age of 13. If you know, you know…

big 2 or 3 litre bottles of cider, with mates, usually in a park somewhere. We smoked cigarettes. We drank. We smoked weed. After a few years we found another substance, ecstasy. Later on, cocaine.


And that’s where I personally, found what I thought I needed. The concoction of alcohol and coke made me feel invincible. Made me feel confident. Made me feel extroverted when I was actually an introvert. Over many more years it became a habit. It started off just on weekends - Fridays and Saturdays. It then progressed to other weekdays. It got to the point where I couldn’t have a beer, definitely not two, without the desire for coke arising. Every time I drank, I did coke. Obviously, this became expensive and I funded my partying with credit. Credit I couldn’t afford to pay back. As time went on, my physical and mental health deteriorated - my mental health especially. I still managed to stay in good shape and physically fit, but my mental health really deteriorated and I started to become depressed and anxious. At the time I didn’t connect drinking and using coke with my poor mental health. Now I realise it was the sole cause of it. 


There were times where I tried to do something about my drinking and using. I sought help from counsellors, my GP, and the fellowships of AA, CA and NA. But although I did get some relief from these services, I eventually fell back into old ways of thinking and behaving - and this went on for years on end.


There were many negative events caused by my drinking and using - too many to mention. But I couldn’t seem to kick the habit. My life gradually, over the years, fell apart. I lost jobs. Strained relationships. Lost myself. I even almost became homeless. I knew it was time to finally change at this point. And so that’s what I did. I read many books on addiction and personal development and changed my lifestyle habits. It was a long, bumpy, road - but in the end I got there. And here I am today. 


My journey led me into education. That education led me into helping others. Others that have the same or similar issues I encountered along my journey. And that’s what I love doing. It gives me a sense of purpose - something that’s very important in life (something you’ll discover too). I don’t just help people with addictions or people with drink and/or drug habits they want to change. I help anyone who seeks to change. Anyone who needs help and guidance. Maybe it’s a fear of public speaking. A spider phobia. Perhaps insomnia that’s been going on for decades. Depression. Anxiety. You name it - I can help you overcome it.


If you are suffering in some way, and want guidance and accountability to overcome that suffering - give me a call. Let’s have a chat about what you want to achieve, and get you on the road to freedom.

Book your consultation here.

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