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Samuel J Cornell - The Wimbledon Hypnotherapist.

If you're fed up with repeating a behaviour you truly don't want to repeat again...

book your complimentary discovery session...

Hypnotherapy In The Heart Of Wimbledon

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that is used to reprogram your mind at a deep subconscious level. I don't own a pocket watch and I won't tell you to 'look into my eyes'. This is modern hypnosis, not the 'old school' weird stuff you've heard about or seen on tv. Essentially, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and you are always in control. If you seriously want to change an unwanted behaviour (perhaps a detrimental habit you no longer want to be associated with), then hypnosis is definitely for you. Give me a call, or book your complimentary discovery session online, and we can talk about what you want to achieve (or get rid of). We can then work together, face-to-face, in a relaxing, tranquil environment, in my therapy room in the heart of Wimbledon town centre. What are you waiting for? There's no time like the present. After all, the present is all we truly have. 



Online Hypnotherapy Session

From the comfort of your own h0me.


In-Person Hypnotherapy Session

In the privacy of a private therapy room.

Samuel J Cornell - The Wimbledon Hypnotherapist.

About Me

Hi. My name is Sam. I label myself a ‘Positive Change Facilitator’. Why? Because I help people reach their peak emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual potential. In essence, I help people make positive permanent changes in their lives.

It all started for me back in 2008...

“Trying to control you thoughts is like trying to herd wild horses - it's virtually impossible.

It's much easier, and more viable, to just allow your thoughts to flow while practicing non-reactivity to them.”

Samuel J Cornell

Complimentary 'Discovery' Session

A confidential chat for us to find out where you are now, where you really want to be, and for you to decide if we're a good fit for each other.

Sessions take place via video or telephone call.

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Give Me A Call...

0800 678 5368

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