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What is hypnosis...

and why is it so effective?

Hypnosis is simply a state of pure focus and relaxation. It's a way to 'power down' the conscious, analytical, critical and judgemental part of your mind; and open up your all-powerful, creative and emotional subconscious mind. By doing this you can then resolve problems, change limiting beliefs, and 'reprogram' your thinking, outlook and perspective at the source. This makes change much more simple, easy and effective. Reprogramming your mind at this subconscious level, leads to permanent positive change. Hypnosis is experienced differently by everyone. You may feel 'hypnotised' or you might not. The collective experience though, is that you will feel super relaxed and at peace. Your mind will be still. Your body will be soft and relaxed. At the end of the session you will feel relaxed and calm, yet energised and revitalised. And of course, you'll know and feel that change has taken place. 

Sound interesting?

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