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The Sobriety Mastery Academy

A 12 week mentorship program, to help you liberate yourself from addiction to alcohol and/or substances - for good!

If you've read 'my story', you'll know addiction to alcohol and substances was a major problem for me. Because I know how difficult it is while in that cycle, I wanted to help others out of the desperation of addiction in all its forms. So I set up this 12 week 'academy' for other sufferers to help them liberate themselves from addiction - in whatever form addiction manifests itself in for you!

If you've had enough of the emotional pain and suffering addiction causes... 

Book a complimentary session with me today and let's get you on the road to inner-peace and serenity!

Download Your FREE Copy Of 'The Twelve Essential Habits Of Sobriety Mastery'!

10 years of experience, condensed into something you can read cover to cover over a cup of coffee!

Enter your name and email address below for instant access!

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