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🤔 What Is Holistic Wellbeing...

and how can it benefit you?

First of all…

let’s start with the meaning of each word.

Holistic - Treating something as a whole, not just individual components.

Wellbeing - The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy..

Combine the two and essentially it means ‘whole health’ including mind, body and spirit.

Why is ‘whole health’ important?

Because mind, body and spirit all work synergistically.

You cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind.

You cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body.

You cannot be free from physical or mental suffering without a healthy spiritual connection.

A healthy spiritual connection also makes it effortless to maintain a healthy body and mind.

You could even say that the spirit part of holistic wellness is the most important part because of the aforementioned.

Once you have that deep connection with yourself which you attain through spiritual practices such as meditation…

the rest of it just falls into place naturally.

And once you attain holistic wellbeing…

life becomes joyful.

There are no more ‘problems’.

There are no more dramas.

There is no more suffering.

On your holistic wellbeing journey you will realise that you have complete control over the internal…

how you react to emotions, other people, situations or experiences.

This gives you a huge sense of relief…

leading eventually to inner-peace…

because ultimately you have control over your life - internally.

You will also realise that you have very little control of the external and sometimes you just have to let things go and accept people, situations or experiences as they are…

knowing that those things are out of your control.

Once again, that leads to inner-peace.

The above obviously doesn’t happen overnight…

but with consistent daily practice of looking after mind, body and especially - spirit…

holistic wellbeing is achieved…

and you discover inner-peace and serenity.

So with all that now being analysed and digested by your conscious mind…

are you on your own personal journey to holistic wellbeing yet?

If not, maybe it’s time to start that journey.

Especially if you are still ‘suffering’ daily with everything going on internally and externally.

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