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Image by Gayatri Malhotra

Mens Small Group Personal Training

I provide small group Personal Training, for men suffering from depression and anxiety, in Mostyn Gardens recreation ground (Morden).

For me, there's nothing better for boosting and stabilising my mood than an outdoor workout in the beauty and serenity of nature - and I want to help you discover all the benefits of the aforementioned.

There's a maximum of 5 people per group - to keep it personal - and it's tailored to all ages and abilities (you only need to work as hard as you can do or want to on that day).

The format is as follows:

Warm-up & mobility drill (10-15 min's)

Circuit training (20-25 min's)

Cool-down & meditation (10 min's)

Goal setting for the week ahead (identifying one thing you can do/change that week to become more resilient in body and mind)

You’ll also get supplement, nutritional and lifestyle advice (if you want it).

There are various time-slots available - contact me for more info.


The cost?

Just £4.50 per session!

Want to join us?

Drop me a message on WhatsApp...


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