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My Story...
It was August 2019. My partner of 15 years had decided she’d had enough of my issues, and so she left - with our 3 children. I was already in the depths of depression. Having daily anxiety attacks. Spending a lot of time on my own. My sleep was terrible and I was suffering with insomnia. I used alcohol and cocaine as coping strategies to numb my mind, my thoughts and my feelings. I was suicidal. I’d had a couple of ‘help me’ suicide attempts but never had the guts to fully commit to it. Life was dire. I was lost. I was, I thought, helpless.

December 2019 arrived and after a major binge, I completely lost my marbles and was committed to an institution. I had been hearing voices and seeing things that weren’t there, even though they seemed completely real to me at the time. Luckily I’d been practicing meditation for a while and as I was locked up in a very bare room, I meditated for what felt like hours. During this meditation I had an insight, and realised that the past seven days had been completely made up in my head. My thoughts, my mind, had completely constructed this alternate reality I had been living in. I was back to reality. I burst into tears. I was released just twenty four hours after being committed.
When I look back now. I had been lost for a long time before that very eventful four months towards the end of 2019. I’d got lost in the ‘physical world’, completely separated from my true spiritual self. I’d tried all sorts by this point… CBT; Talking Therapy and Counselling; Psychotherapists; Rehab; AA, NA and CA; I’d read up on spirituality, addiction, and many other types of personal development areas; I’d listened to many audiobooks on the same; I’d tried finding my own route; nothing worked. I thought I was doomed.
And now…
I’m content, calm, worry free and resilient. I’d go as far to say I have a bulletproof mind. My physical health is excellent. My mental health is f*****ng awesome! My relationship with my children could not be better. My relationship with my ex-partner blossomed and we rekindled our relationship. But, just as importantly, my relationship with myself is fantastic too. I have ‘wealth’ in all areas of my life, and I’m not talking about financial wealth. I’m talking about career wealth; physical and mental wealth; emotional and spiritual wealth; relationship wealth; free-time wealth. YOU can achieve wealth in all these areas too, if you CHOOSE to.
How did I do it?
I became 'present' in every moment. I regained control of my thoughts (we have a CHOICE in what we think). You may not realise this yet, but we do. And once we have this power, life becomes easy. It becomes a joy to be alive. No worries. No ‘problems’. No drama. I can coach, mentor and teach you how to achieve this too. I believe it is my purpose to pass on this message to others. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe I went through all that drama to experience what it’s like, and to come out the other side with the ability to help others do the same.
If you want to experience what it’s like to attain deep inner-peace, and live a life of serenity, get in touch today!

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